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3 tips to make moving less stressful
3 tips to make moving less stressful 1. Label everything 2. Rent a storage unit for your valuables 3. Declutter + donate
Clutter free space!
What is the best way to keep your home clutter free? Invest in a self storage unit to keep your holiday decor, seasonal clothing and furniture.
5 surprising benefits of spring cleaning!
5 benefits of spring cleaning your space. Motivation to clean your home.
Entryway Table Ideas | Entryway Table Styling
Looking for entryway table ideas? Here's an example of one of the best ways to style an entryway table. Your entrance to your home is the first impression you make on others - make sure it's a good one. 👋 If you're new to our page, hello. We're Extra Space Storage, we're all about helping you find storage space in and out of your home. #EntrywayTableIdeas #EntrywayTable # How to Style an Entryway Table: • Create balance on both sides of the table • Add height with a plant or lamp • Use similar colors or distinct pops of colors • Create a focal point behind the entryway table with a mirror or piece of art • Mix in various shapes and textures to keep it interesting