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a black and white drawing of a cat
"Cat Lover Art Vintage Cat Print Cat Portrait of Kitten \"Butch\" by Clare Turlay Newberry Black Cat Art Original Book Plate"
"Cat lover art vintage cat print of cat portrait. By American artist, Clare Newberry. You will receive the original vintage book plate. Not a modern copy. Print: Kitten \"Butch\" Artist: Clare Turlay Newberry Type: Lithograph Style: Children' s Art Pub.: 1968 Size: 10 1/2\" x 8 1/2\" (No border) SAVE 12 and get FREE SHIPPING With a purchase of $40.00 or more of any combination of my prints. Enter coupon code at checkout. CODE: BUY40SAVE12 This beautiful vintage cat image was carefully removed fr
the face of a white cat with pink eyes
a close up of a white tiger laying on the ground next to a chain link fence
four dalmatian dogs standing side by side in front of a red background with black spots
vintage post card! ✮