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nOPe. I’m a writer. I ain’t risking it.

I ain’t risking it. << last person put that , but I’m an artist and work with all mediums , nOPe ain’t risking it either

Just 21 Perfect Tumblr Posts About The Badass Women Of

Live your life so Professor McGonagall would be both proud and exasperated by you.

Seamus Finnigan From "Harry Potter" Found Some Of Emma Watson's Old Socks And Everyone Made The Same Joke

The actor who played Seamus Finnigan in “Harry Potter” found some of Emma Watson’s old socks and everyone made the same joke…

There are plenty of Irish jokes, but this one is truly golden. You have to see this… h/t: Herald Sun HA HA! That was SO FUNNY! Please share with your …

This is hilarious! Omg I thought they were serious! I had to read it more then once before I realized the Murphy twins were the guys that were talking about the Irish stuff and the school they went to and everything.