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Natural fiber art dolls and Waldorf dollmaking
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a stuffed animal in a blanket on top of a bed next to a door way
Wee Babies — fig & me
Waldorf Inspired | Spring Bunny Doll with Carrot Baby
a doll is laying in the middle of some flowers
Natural fiber art doll Cora by fig&me
Handmade art doll, sculpted in wool over armature.
a small doll sitting on top of a brown couch
Dorota Strzebonska
Dorota Strzebonska | Flickr
a white doll sitting on top of a tree filled with leaves and flowers, next to the words art doll photography
Art Doll Photography | fig & me
Natural fiber art dolls by fig and me.
the doll is wearing a pink dress and shoes with words that read doll knee animation
How to Articulate Doll Knees | Online Workshop
Join me in this online workshop so you can learn how to add movement to your cloth dolls. July 2024. Read more on my workshop page.
a doll with blonde hair and a pink bow on her head
Olinka - what a gorgeous little toosh!
a white stuffed animal laying on top of pink flowers with the words doll scupping above it
Doll Sculpting with Wool
Exploring fiber arts, doll making and a creative life. Join my doll making adventures 🌸
Dollmaking Supplies | Waldorf Inspired Dolls
I recently purchased supplies from Cindy at Fabrique moi une poupee. Very happy with my supplies so i can get started on my dolls again!
a doll with yellow hair is sitting on the ground
How to Make a Moveable Doll Head
Learn the technique I have been using since 2018 to articulate the heads on my natural fiber art dolls.
two pictures of dolls with names on them
Doll Head Articulation | Live Online Workshop
Creating the neck joint particular to my dolls, that allows for a lot of expression and movement, in Waldorf inspired or natural fiber art dolls.
Sculpting Doll Faces with Wool | Online Class with Fig & Me
Learn to sculpt doll faces with needle felting techniques and wool as main material. Step by step instruction in English, with videos to play to see everything in great detail.
an old doll with long hair and brown eyes is featured on the cover of eye embroidery magazine
Dollmaking tutorial: Eye Embroidery
Learn how to embroider shaped eyes with this video tutorial via my Patreon channel. Subscribe and access lots of different tutorials and tips, cancel anytime.
a small doll sitting on top of a wooden bench next to ivy covered wall and fence
Natural Fiber Art Doll
Custom order inspired by Lizzy Bennet, by fig and me.
a doll sitting on top of a wooden bench wearing a hat, scarf and boots
Waldorf Inspired Art Doll, Fully Articulated and Sculpted in Wool
Chadwick is a Waldorf-inspired doll, made of wool and with inner articulation. Find more of his story on my blog.
an orange doll with black hair and the words dollmaking tutors eye embroidery on it
How to embroider doll eyes, padded embroidery technique
In this tutorial I show you how to embroider pretty doll eyes using the padded embroidery method. Watch it via my Patreon channel.