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Summer Hot Sale Watering Leaves(BUY 5 GET 5 FREE)
The clever design of these plastic leaves solves several problems. When inserted into any potted plant, the leaf blends into the foliage and acts as a grooved slide to channel water directly to the soil. An easy way to water large, lush plants as well as those that fill smaller containers, leaving little access to the soil, they are also useful when watering succulents and hairy-leafed plants to avoid getting their foliage wet, which can cause leaves to rot.
there are many colorful glass bottles on the shelf together, each with different designs and colors
Hand-painted Vase #upcycling
three jars with painted flowers on them are sitting on a counter top, one is clear and the other is bright
three air plants are hanging on the wall next to each other with metal spirals
Ideas creativas para plantas aéreas - Ecoterrazas
three hanging vases filled with flowers on a window sill
colorful flowers and leaves on a white background
Premium Vector | Hand painted exotic floral pattern