summer with kids♡

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a bulletin board with paper boats on it
a door decorated with ice cream and an icecream on it's side
🍦🍦😋Καλοκαιρινή διακόσμηση πόρτας😋🍦🍦
link of the brush,in my profile! follow pls 🥳 @arttok.w #art #work #artwork #tiktok #reels #fyp
colorful paper sailboats are hung on the wall with polka dots and ribbons attached to them
four cards with fish and message attached to them
a painting on the wall of a room with a lighthouse and sailboat in it
This would be a good idea for a where am I board
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Mermaid kids craft
Mermaid kids craft
a group of paintings hanging on the side of a wall
two cardboard boats are sitting on top of a white board with magnets attached to it
a pink tray topped with blue boats on top of a table next to other items
a round ornament with a boat on it and name written in blue, red, yellow and white
collana "buone vacanze"
a starfish with bubbles on it's back and the bottom part of its body
a drawing of a starfish on a white background
Starfish Pattern Printable | Coloring Page
a fish bowl filled with water and plants
, Lesson Plans
The Mailbox
a painting of a turtle swimming in the ocean
three wooden plaques with beach scenes on them, one is made to look like sand and the other has an umbrella
there are two empty bottles sitting on the rocks near a sign that says 9 and has a rocket ship in it
there are several bags on the table with some items in them and one has a ladder painted on it
an image of paper cut outs with different shapes and sizes, including the shape of a fish
an octopus is smiling and it's coloring pages are in the bottom right corner
molde da net pra vc amiga
two windows decorated with sea animals and fish
an open door decorated with paper cutouts and sea animals on the front glass window
a piece of art that has been made to look like a wave with the words learn to love on it
"Learn to Love the Ride" Late Night Crafting! #waves #newspaper #canvas
children's handmade pictures are displayed on a table with paper cutouts and seahorses
Καλοκαιρινές Κορνίζες!
several tags with fish on them sitting on a table
Summer gifts for students
the fish in the aquarium worksheet for children to learn how to write and draw
a paper bag with an octopus on it
Convite festa on line
several pieces of crafting made out of cardboard and string on a wooden table top
Κρεμαστό καραβάκι από φελλό με διακοσμητικά
there are many cupcakes that have been made to look like mushroom tops on the table
two children in costumes holding hands while standing on the floor at a classroom with other children
two heart shaped cookies decorated with sea shells
Moederdag / Vaderdag
an ice cream cone is decorated with paper hearts and polka dotes on the side
instructions for how to make a paper boat