Teø Tsalmpouris

Teø Tsalmpouris

Teø Tsalmpouris
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fuckyeahtattoos: Straight line on my left lower arm. LOVE it. 3 Created by Sue, Buena Vista Tattoo Club, Würzburg, Germany.


Half-Tone Tattoo - The geometric pattern creates stunning visual impact on the viewers. Although the motif could be personal, the abstract representation leaves broad room to interpret its meaning.

43 Rad Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place

Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place - This is such a cute idea. I think it would be a really cute idea for couples. To use the coordinates of the place they met.

Charles Bukowski - Contrariwise: Literary Tattoos

"I wish to weep, but sorrow is stupid. I wish to believe, but belief is a graveyard" Charles Bukowski - Contrariwise: literary tattoo

zwartevis:  victoriaashlygriggah:  vvidget:  The Greatest Tattoo...

The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World -- Known in the tattoo world as Dots to Lines, Chaim Machlev creates stark black-ink geometric tattoos that are both intricate and pristine.