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The benefits of raising bilingual children and how to raise bilingual children. Tips for raising bilingual children and bilingual education. #bilingualchildren
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a little boy climbing up the side of a slide in a park with a sign reading,
9 Ways That I Teach My Toddler Spanish as a Nonnative Spanish Speaker - Bilingual Beginnings
mother and child hugging each other with speech bubble above them that says how to teach your child spanish even if you don't speak it
Teach Your Child Spanish (even if you don't speak it) — Mommy is My Teacher
Great tips!
two young children laying on the floor reading a book with text overlay that reads 8 tips
How To Teach Your Child A Second Language At Home | The Cultured Kid
a young boy sitting at a table with his head in his hands and the words what to do when your kids refuse to speak their second language
Free training about What to do when your kids refuse to speak the home language
If you're struggling with what to do when your kids refuse to speak the home language, you're not alone. Join us for a free webinar replay where we'll discuss strategies for getting your kids to engagement with the home language. Watch the webinar replay now to learn more.
the role of grandparents in preserving culture
The role of grandparents in preserving culture how to partner with them even if they live far away
Grandparents play a vital role in preserving culture and passing down traditions to future generations. Even if they live far away, there are ways to partner with them and keep them involved in their grandchildren's lives. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the role of grandparents in preserving culture.
the foreign language learning method is shown with three children sitting on top of each other
Online Bookshop for Haarlem.
a book cover with the words resources, method and activities for parents raising multilingual children
Raising Multilingual Children: Tips, Resources, and Materials
Raising Multilingual Children: parents share their tips, resources, methods, and activities to help kids learn languages.
book review for parents raising multilingual children
Multilingual Parenting Book: Raising Multilingual Children
bilingual children's books with spanish and english text, including bilingual - speaking words
11+ Awesome Spanish/English Bilingual Picture Books
an adult and child reading a book with the title how to read bilingual toddlers in the
How to Read to Your Bilingual Toddler in the Minority Language
Interviews with OPOL Families, Part 2
Get a peek into how different Spanglish families are raising bilingual kids in both English and Spanish! #bilingualkids #spanishforkids
how to write a year-long bilingual homeschooling plan Bilingual Homeschooling, Introduction Post, Homeschool Styles, Annual Planning, Language Learning Apps, Chinese Learning, Homeschool Language Arts, Homeschool Inspiration, How To Start Homeschooling
How to Write a Year-Long Bilingual Homeschooling Plan
Want to know how I write a year-long bilingual homeschooling plan to teach both Chinese and English for my four kids? This blog post is an introduction post to my blog posts series of bilingual homeschooling planning. I will provide you 4 simple steps with a FREE workbook to help you do the planning. You will have step-by-step instructions to follow. Click this image to read more and grab the FREE workbook. #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #homeschoolingmom #homeeducation #fortunecookiemom
a person writing on a piece of paper with the words create a language rich environment to learn chinese at home
How to Create a Language Rich Environment to Learn Chinese at Home
Creating a Chinese language-rich environment is the very first step that you can prepare for your children. Children respond much better when they have a fun and comfortable environment for learning Chinese. I have done this since my first child was born. I am going to show you what should a Chinese rich environment in this blog post and show you how it can be a very effective tool. Click the image to read more. #languagerichenvironment #learnchinese #homeschooling #fortunecookiemom