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mars station - Поиск в Google

NASA will develop a habitation module using funds granted through a spending bill recently passed by Congress. This habitation module will be tasked with

Why Should We Reboot the Biosphere Projects? -- It should be a matter of great concern to people working in the space industry — both in the private and public sectors. Visionaries in both space exploration and space tourism would most certainly benefit from the creation of a working biosphere; humans will not go very far in space without a self-sustaining ecosystem around them.

Fantastic article on Biosphere 2 and how the program should be started up again to plan for Mars colonization as well as more intensive environmental studies. For vision board, novel "Legacy" by Jesikah Sundin

Could Future Astronauts 3D Print Habitats Using Mars and Moon Soil?

When humans finally travel to Mars, what will their first buildings look like? ZA Architects envision an underground colony with spiderweb floors spun from basalt fibers.