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an image of colorful architecture on display
Solar panel integration into lighting design may pose an aesthetic challenge. Cinqueterre, by disguising its objective, aims to create an object that resembles a decorative piece rather than an electronic device. It combines the functions of a lamp, a USB station, and/or a wireless charger.<br />The project entails a small-scale architectural study that primarily explores the interaction between volume, hues, and shadow. It is influenced by charming villages found across the globe, one such vill
the letter s is made out of metal mesh
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - Studio Semaphore
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - Studio Semaphore
the instructions for how to sit at a table with two people sitting at it and one person working on a laptop
Những điều cần lưu ý khi xây dựng giếng trời cho ngôi nhà của bạn - Hội Kiến Trúc Sư Việt Nam
Lightswing: de oplossing voor onhandig licht in huis
Problemen met onhandige lampen in huis? Lightswing biedt dé oplossing! Verplaats je lampen makkelijk en snel naar de juiste plek zonder gedoe met boren of pluggen. Het ophangsysteem is geschikt voor allerlei soorten lampen, belastbaar tot 3,5 kilo en makkelijk te installeren. Bestel nu en geniet van perfect verlichte ruimtes in huis!
a desk with a red lamp on top of it next to a book and other office supplies
Créer une lampe au style industriel soi-même
DIY : créer une lampe à poser esprit indus'
a pink and green desk lamp with a yellow cord plugged into the light bulb
Lámpara de mesa Chloe rosa ~ Genunine ~ Concept store ~ Decoración, diseño, regalos únicos.
a black and white desk lamp on a table
Επιτραπέζιο Φωτιστικό Γραφείου Garcon σε 4 χρώματα Carpyen
a red light that is on top of a white pole and next to it are two tubes
Explore the Latest Trends in Engineered Wood Flooring for 2024; From Earthy Hues to Eye Designs
a circular light is hanging on the wall
Curve Wall Lamp by Le Deun Luminaires
Curve Wall Lamp