Neo Faliro Train Station, Athens, Greece.

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Kifissos - Kolokinthou; Athens, Greece 1870.

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Ermou Street, Athens, Greece. 1912.

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Kifissos - Kolokinthou bridge; Athens, Greece 1904.

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Syngrou Avenue Athens, Greece.

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Patriarchou Ioakeim, Athens, Greece.

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Omonia square, Athens, Greece.

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Lycabettus Hill is limestone rock reaching almost 1,000 feet into the once-crystalline Athenian sky.

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Before the restoration of the Parthenon Athens Acropolis in 1960.

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The Acropolis and Agora (market), seen from the Theseion in 1967. The Parthenon is in the center, and the Propylaea (main entrance) is at right. The photo is looking to the southeast.

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