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“This just stopped me in my tracks when I saw it. Made entirely of yellow tape and paint (not to mention the adorable pineapples enhancing the look), this storefront just begs you to come in and check it out. So many retailers have "given up" the fine art of display (except one notable— Anthropologie, whose displays I simply revere) that it is refreshing to see something so simple, yet so striking."  Lisa    Rayen restaurant in Madrid by Fos - via Oh Joy!

wall floor feature Somos Fos - a vibrant installation designed for a vegan restaurant in Madrid. Such a fantastic idea. Painting yellow the area that looks like its the light

cagette menu mariage rustique

Woo I'll finally be able to use that pallet that has been sitting on my balcony for over a year! - reception menu on a painted pallet // photo by Sharalee Prang .use old hymn board for menus?