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Top Ten Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Today, I am sharing my top 10 favorite fat quarter quilts to make on my YouTube channel! 😍 Did your favorites make this list? If not, let me know your favorite FQ quilt in the comments! All these patterns are available in paper and PDF versions, so you can get sewing on any of them as soon as you like! Head over to my video to see each of them in detail. I'll show you why I love them and provide links to each one.
many different papers and scissors on a table
Adding a Quilt Label
A quilt is a work of art, so don't forget to sign it! 🖊️ If you've ever wondered how to make a quilt label, today's guide on the Jolly Jabber Blog is here to help! We're sharing a FREE Quilt Label Template and tutorial for making a simple handwritten quilt label. We'll cover what pens we love to use, our favorite way to stabilize fabric, what to write, and how to sew these labels in your quilts.
BTS - The Family Favorites Quilt Book Photoshoot!
Come along for some behind the scenes fun at the Family Favorites photoshoot! ⁠ This mother-daughter duo is sharing their family recipes with us in the form of quilt blocks, and we are here to partake in the goodness! With the other 18 quilt blocks, the four stunning settings, pillows, and pincushions, the fun to be had with this book is limitless! ⁠ #familyfavoritesbook #sherrimcconnell #aquiltinglife #chelsistrattondesigns #modafabrics #itssewemma #quiltbook #photoshoot #bts #styledquilts
BTS - Halloween Memories Quilt Book
Get ready to be enchanted as we delve into the realm of Halloween Memories by Susan Ache! This enchanting book celebrates the spirit of Halloween and Fall with eight quilts and nine cross stitch designs. Embracing the iconic colors of Halloween, these quilts evoke the magic of the season. Visit the Jolly Jabber Blog to learn more about the Halloween Memories Quilt and Cross Stitch Book by Susan Ache!
two quilts with the words tips for adding a quilt label and giving your quilt a finishing touch
Tips for adding a quilt label
Once you’ve poured countless hours into sewing a quilt, it only makes sense to give it a finishing touch with a quilt label. We often receive questions about what quilt labels we use or how we make them ourselves. We’ve gathered some of our favorite quilt label ideas, and we’re sharing them on the blog today.
The Quilted Scarecrow Quilt by Lori Holt
This cutie is stuffed with love, and we can’t wait to begin piecing him together! ⁠Join us for the adventure of piecing together this life-size Quilted Scarecrow! ⁠ Find the details on the Jolly Jabber Blog. ⁠ #QuitledScarecrow #TheQuiltedScarecrow #LoriHoltQuilt #LoriHolt #RileyBlakeDesigns #LoriHoltFabric #Quilt #Quilting #Patchwork #Sewing
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Quilts of Valor
The organization @quiltsofvalorfoundation has captured our hearts and inspired us for years.⁠ This year, we are grateful that our staff member, Cathy, has opened up her story to share her very first quilting journey with us as she honors her father, a Quilt of Valor.⁠ ⁠ Visit the Jolly Jabber Blog to read Cathy's story, and stay tuned for the Award Ceremony to follow soon! ⁠ If you're inspired to honor a Veteran, see how you can sew a Quilt of Valor on the Jolly Jabber Blog.
top gifts for glytlers in 2013 by the crafter's workshop
Top Gifts for Quilters
We’ve gathered a list of the top gifts for quilters to help make shopping easy this holiday season. Visit the Jolly Jabber Blog today to unwrap them all! From our favorite quilt books and kits to notions and knacks, every sewist would love to receive them! We hope this guide comes in handy during this sweet season of giving. Read more on The Jolly Jabber blog and enter to win a fabulous gift of incredible goodies from our list:
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Top Gifts for Quilters in 2023
four different cards with scissors and thread on them, all decorated in bright colors for christmas
Top Gifts for Quilters in 2023
the cover of top gifts for quilters in 2013, with lots of sewing supplies
Top Gifts for Quilters in 2023
a bed with a quilt on top of it and a tray sitting on the side
Announcing the Piece and Quilt Sampler Quilt Along
a woman holding up a small box with the words, how to celebrate national sew a jelly roll day
Sew a Jelly Roll Day
Our passion for crafting with Jelly Rolls knows no bounds. National Sew a Jelly Roll Day allows us to dive into our cherished precuts while pushing our creative boundaries, making it the perfect time to start our Jelly Roll-themed sew along!
the top 10 jelly roll quilt patterns
Top Ten Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns
Read all about our top ten Jelly Roll quilt patterns! These patterns are fun and extra quick to sew! Visit the Jolly Jabber Blog!
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a tray
DIY Quilted Tray!
If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to organize your sewing supplies or jazz up an old tray, look no further than this fun DIY! ✂️ Join us on the Jolly Jabber Blog as we share step-by-step how to transform a few simple materials into a charming sewing tray that is functional, decorative, and adds a touch of handmade flair! Visit the Jolly Jabber Blog: