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a man standing in front of a tree with many different pictures on it's trunk
new serie #7
Magazine Art - An illustrated collage. Incredible!
two children are standing under an umbrella with flowers coming out of it and a hand is reaching for the child's hat
Caroline Alkire - IGNANT
three women with flowers on their heads walking away from each other in front of a circle
a collage of an image of a woman with birds on her head and monkeys in the background
Почему "мир искусства", как мы его знаем, заканчивается
a keyhole with an image of a person and a sunflower in the background
wapportal freetoedit 232611125007202 by @simonevdw
a collage of people holding each other in their hands
Capa: L'Osso Del Cuore | Colagem Digital
a person taking a photo with a camera in front of mountains and a car on the road
Sajjad Musa – Untold
Sajjad Musa - Untold
a woman is holding a sewing machine on the road
Collage archive — Joe Webb ART