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Pokemon: The Trainer With No Name by kevinbolk on deviantART

Pokémon trainers have a long journey ahead, a post-apocalyptic or at least really dark one, according to kevinbolk's superb gloomy drawing on DeviantART.

This is me when I'm just doodling in math class blocking the world out and i hear the teacher call my name.

these moments are the best times in bleach. everything was more exciting with shirosaki there in the background- just playing around with ichigo. he also had some epic quotes

Do you know who are they? Tabs : Kurosaki Ichigo, Grimmjow ,   Kuchiki Byakuya , Ulquiorra

Keep calm and getsuga tensho,Keep calm and gran rey cero,Keep calm and senbon zakura gageoshi,Keep calm and cero oscuras