Fedra Papakonstantinou

Fedra Papakonstantinou

Fedra Papakonstantinou
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Not H&M or Forever 21!! These are shops most people don't know about and the clothes are cute and well-made, not crappy and cheap

We’re not all livin’ large, therefore I bring you… budget-friendly clothes that you’ll love. Bookmark these online stores, y’all: Mura Boutique Xenia Boutique Asos Gen…

10 exercises that burn more fat than running

Running is amazing. It allows you to get a stress-reducing, endurance-boosting workout with just a pair of shoes and an open road. It also burns calories, of course. At a per mile pace, you’ll fry about 10 calories a minute. That’s a solid numbe

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Exercise and weight loss go hand-in-hand when it comes to shedding the pounds in a healthy way and keeping the weight off. There are some basic strategies to improve weight loss and the efficiency of any exercise plan. Many people are unmotivated to.