Parchment paper, velum, papel vegetal

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an image of a pattern for a table runner
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a white paper christmas tree on a table
❤️ Vivyscrap créations ♥
an embroidered doily on a table cloth with a bow and ribbon attached to it
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a drawing of a gift box with flowers on it and a ribbon around the top
a white doily on a green surface with flowers and leaves in the center,
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a card with a purple flower and butterfly on it
Jayne's Agapanthus A5 Square Groovi Plate
Jayne's Agapanthus A5 Square Groovi Plate (Set GRO-FL-40410-03)
a welcome sign with baby feet on it's back and the words welcome to me
Welcome Framer A6 Groovi Plate
Welcome Framer A6 Groovi Plate – Claritystamp
an image of a cross stitch pattern with flowers and butterflies on the border, in black and white
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a piece of red cloth with white lace on the edge and an embroidered pattern in the middle
Miloslava Jašková
someone is working on an intricate white lace design with crochet and beading
אמנות התחרה בנייר
a white card with flowers and leaves on the front, sitting on a black surface
Crafted by Miss Jilly from a pattern sourced off the Internet by Miss Taryn Murphy.