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an old tin can with two cows on it
Flashback-Grade Pieces of 70s and 80s Nostalgia
a tall building with yellow and white pipes on it's sides
Rotterdam's Stepped Central Library Sprouts a Green Roof and a Beehive!
people walking down the street in front of buildings with a clock tower on it's side
Beeldbank Prentbriefkaarten
an old black and white photo of buildings along the water's edge in amsterdam
Print of Amsterdam Brouwersgracht - Old Houses
a trolley car on a city street in the fog
Inleiding Amsterdamse Trams
a woman holding a stop sign on the street
Vrouwelijke politie of verkeers-agente regelt met een stopbord het verkeer voor het centraal station te Amsterdam, Nederland 1955.
black and white photo of people walking in flood waters
History of Some of the Worst Natural Disasters of the 20th Century
an old black and white photo of people in a boat
a decorative wooden object on a white wall in the shape of a heart with a knot around it
Oude brocante mattenklopper
an old woman is holding up a machine to pay for her purchase at the store
Vroeger - De kruidenier, weegt nog persoonlijk af. Daarnaast de groenteboer, melkboer enz.
a stack of folded cloths sitting on top of each other
Upcoming | Het onmisbare actualiteitenplatform voor de internetgeneratie; het nieuws van vandaag, de trends van morgen én de rages van vroeger.
Elke dag een schone zakdoek en zo netjes gestreken in de kast!
three different types of soaps sitting on top of each other, one is brown and the other is white
likkoekjes - Google zoeken
an old style radio sitting on top of a white table
draadomroep, hing vroeger in de bakkerij.