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Fenia Oncer
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Hook to Emma LOVE THIS LINE!!!

Emma: I know this group has a lot of history, a lot of hate. Hook: Actually I quite fancy you from time to time when you're not yelling at me.

Robin Regina / Outlaw Queen / OUAT. And let's talk about her Loki moment catching that arrow like "seriously?!" ♥️

This I love how they meet over flying monkeys in Storybrooke and in fairy-tale land <<< And Arrows, they always meet with Robin shooting an arrow at her

Iris Nebula

he Iris Nebula, also NGC 7023 and Caldwell is a bright reflection nebula and Caldwell object in the constellation Cepheus. NGC 7023 is actually the cluster within the nebula, LBN and the nebula is lit by a magnitude star, SAO 19158