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a group of small angel figurines sitting next to each other
two pink objects with pins sticking out of them sitting on top of a white table
Toilet Paper Roll Crab
a group of sticks made to look like people with different colored yarns on them
DIY Party Cup Dolls
a young boy is making a paper cut out of the shape of a cat and other animals
Shadow Drawing
four paper bugs with hearts on them and the words 3 - d love bugs written below
3-D Love Bugs — ART CAMP
various crafting supplies are laid out on a blue surface, including wooden pegs and paintbrushes
How To Make Your Own Dolls from Party Cups
How To Make Your Own Dolls from Party Cups ⋆ Handmade Charlotte
three fish made out of toilet paper on a white surface
Koi Fish Project: Up-Cycled Art For Kids — ART CAMP