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Learning about reaching financial independence through saving money, becoming debt free, motivational stories. Plus some money making tips and hacks.
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books stacked on top of each other with the title 4 books to jump start your financial independence journey
4 Books to Jump Start Your Financial Independence Journey - The Minted Latte
4 Books to Jump Start Your Financial Independence Journey - The Minted Latte
nuts and pine cones with the words 9 legit ways to make extra cash for the holidays
9 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays - The Minted Latte
9 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash For the Holidays - The Minted Latte
the best holiday side hustles are on this white plate with christmas decorations and cookies
15 Ideas For Side Hustles During The Holidays - My Worthy Penny
15 Best Holiday Side Hustles
a man and woman holding hands walking on the beach with text overlay that reads 5 relationship benefits of fighting debt together
5 Relationship Benefits of Fighting Debt Together
It is not surprising that many relationships end because of financial stress and disconnect. Couples must communicate about money and debt regularly to avoid having a wedge in the relationship. Get Out of Debt, Budgeting Tips for Married Couples, Marriage and Money Advice #debt #getoutofdebt #financialtips #finance #personalfinance #marriagetips
i couldn't reach my financial goals until i did this
Setting Financial Goals & Strategy: 4 Simple Steps
Without having a clear financial plan, reaching your financial goals seems insurmountable. These four easy steps walk you through goal setting your personal finances and make your chance of success a lot more likely. These steps can help you with budgeting, saving money, retirement planning, and having a rich mindset. #budgeting #savemoney #millionairemindset #billionairmindset #plantsonify
books that helped me return at age 28 personal finance, career and psychology books that enabled me to take charge of my future
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The books that helped me retire with over $2 million at age 28. These books span savings strategies, psychology, investing, and career advice.
rocks stacked on top of each other with the words 3 catagories your budget needs to stay in balance
Balanced Money Formula: Budgeting Walkthrough
Budgeting doesn't have to be a difficult exercise that takes forever. With the balanced money formula all the nitty gritty details are condensed down to 3 numbers. 50, 30, and 20. #budget #balancedbudget #howtobudget
a man sitting on top of a mountain with the words how to live your dream life through
49 Financial Experts Reveal How Much Money They Need To Retire
You don’t need to be financially independent to escape the corporate grind. Here’s how one 28 year old saved $250,000 on a $45,000/year salary and used mini-retirement to jumpstart his escape from the rat race.
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4 Reasons You’re Failing at Getting Debt Free & How to Fix - Debt Free Forties
Paying off debt isn't easy. Learn more about why you're struggling to get debt free and how to fix it. #debtfree #getdebtfree #debt #debtrepayment
a woman holding money in her hands with the words, how much do you know about the seven bank accounts every family should have?
7 Bank Accounts Your Family Should Have - Fun Cheap or Free
The 7 bank accounts every family should have to keep budgets and your finances in check! Don't be overwhelmed, and let things spiral... I can help! www.BudgetBootCam...
a person using a calculator on top of a desk with money and pen
Create a Financial Plan for the Year
Create a Financial Plan for the Year
a calculator and pencil sitting on top of a personal finance & citizenship book
Teaching Financial Literacy Part 2: Financial Resources - Welcome
This is the second post in my ' Teaching Financial Literacy ' series and today I'd like to address my former personal finance students! You ...
the words, why rushing debt pay off isn't the answer
Why Rushing Debt Payoff Isn't The Answer
Why rushing debt payoff isn't the answer. Don't take away your quality of life because you think getting out of debt is more important. I tell you in this post how debt can actually help you. #payoffdebt #moneytips
a sign that says the financial plan i follow instead of david ramsay on top of a desk
The Modern Financial Plan I Follow Instead of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps
Here’s the modern financial plan that’s better than Dave Ramsey’s baby steps! Dave Ramsey has a great financial plan to get out of debt, but if you want to be debt free and build wealth you need to have an updated Dave Ramsey baby steps plan! Here’s how the fresh college graduate can get rich and pay off debt quick.
a fire with the words how to achieve fire financial independence and retirement early plus tips to make it reality
How to Achieve Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)? - Money Bliss
How to achieve FIRE (financial independence retire early)? Plus tips to make it a reality. Retirement is a life choice through saving money, passive income, and building wealth. Get personal finance tips and join the FIRE movement. #wealth #investing #moneybliss