(Pentozali, Crete) A RUSSIAN-GREEK shared-origins connection is what I always think of when I see the commonality in their dancing. (I don't know WHEN their dance styles were born however, but they have been around a long time.

▶ "Ανωγιανός Πηδηχτός/Πυρρίχιος" - Κουρήτες - Μαρτσάκης Σκορδαλός (Cretan - Martsakis Skordalos) - YouTube

Pentozali is a very ancient war dance and in the past it was danced only by men. Now it is danced by women too. Its origin is from the ancient war dance, the.

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A medley of 3 songs from Northern Greece-Thrace afto t' aloni to fardi The rhythm is Zonaradikos

Crete - Folk Dancing

Traditional Cretan Music and Dance Group performing outside of the Xenia Hotel in Chora Sfakion, Crete in front of the Libyan Sea in May By Sfakia-Cret.

Volkstanz auf der griechischen Insel Korfu 2005 (Sirtaki)

Volkstanz auf der griechischen Insel Korfu 2005 Folk dance on the greek isle of corfu (Greek: Κέρκυρα, Kérkyra) Sirtaki Zorbas Tanz (griechisch συρτάκι - .

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