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I like the variation in the horizon and the tree tops. by Rob Sutherland Ceramics

I have no idea if I could make anything look like this but I would love to try!

The Earthy And Worthy Art Of Pottery

These pieces of pottery are excellent examples of the use of color in design. They incorporate both primary, secondary and tertiary colors, all with strong intensities. Each pot uses both warm and cold colors ranging from blues to reds.

Cute ceramic vases by Vanessa Bean

Vases – Home Decor : Cute ceramic vases by Vanessa Bean -Read More – -

Facsinating stone face ... adorned in Yellow Sedum! from Debbie Teashon's garden.

✤ container garden The Woman In Golden Yellow by Debbie Teashon Her head is adorned with a golden halo of Sedum Cape Blanco flowers / green home - Artsy Gardens

Anthropologie - Mugs & Teacups

I love useless tiny lovely cups. Too small to bother drinking anything out of, too squee to leave for the next Home Goods shopper. My spare buttons, river rocks and doodads live in teeny things like these.

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