This is so cool!!!  Washers, on canvas, in any shape or letter... Maybe a monogram in our room??

Washers, on canvas, in any shape or letter. Sooooo many ideas now! Or use buttons for the sewing room

Scissor clock in hair salon

Scissor clock in hair salon, with vintage shears. This is beautiful, maybe I could do this with all those awesome antique keys I see at the flea market?

Creative way to display my fresh flowers. Can't wait to do this!

Original wig vase by Tania da Cruz

I probably wouldn't do this. But it would be cool for a hair salon or something.

SALON BATHROOM IDEA… Mirror, mirror, on the wall… This idea is awesome. Get a simple circular wall mirror and create a board out of handheld mirrors. Unique and a little offbeat.

Cute for your favorite Hairdresser also you could make it with items like a gavel or a coffee mug thing referring to persons career

LOVE this pink hairstylist "Shears Mirror".great Christmas idea for your hairdresser- or frame a mirror in the bathroom.