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I love my husband.. miss him already. I know I'm lame. But I'm one of the few that likes her husband.

I want to protect my home. We don't have a lot but I share it with my husband, my best friend.which makes it a real home where I feel comfortable and safe.

2 of my favorite things...coffee and being married

Enjoy it. Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning. I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Debbie and Ricky May you have hundred more filled with Heath happiness luck and money have a great day

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I dont know about you, but i pray nearly every day for my husband. And i haven't even met him. Praying that he will fall in some crazy love for Jesus before he falls for me and i for him. ❤

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