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six angry birds painted on eggs in an egg carton
Love it, Angry Birds Easter eggs:) I missed Valentine's Day at the store, but I'll be darned if I'll let Easter slide. I am going to make stickers for these. My grands will love them!
a glass dish filled with rice and candy corn
Scarecrow Treats! If you love peanuts and candy corn you will love this dessert!
someone is painting leaves with watercolors on paper
16 Fall Kid Crafts - A Little Craft In Your Day
16 Fall Kid Crafts - A Little Craft In Your Day
an apple themed fabric banner hanging on a wall
Fall banner, with apples cut in half, burlap and paint. Cute idea!
a pine cone with a turkey face on it
10 Thanksgiving Kids Craft & Decorations!! @Debbie Arruda Held Debbie Sue more pine one coolness!
three popsicle puppets with eyes and mouths hanging from a line on a wooden fence
sandi lou's musings
pumpkins from Popsicle sticks
there are many different types of food in this photo and the words pumpkin, peppermint, sugar cookie, brownie, snowman, christmas tree, gingerbread
Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’
Holiday scented sensory play dough
there is a piece of bread on the plate with someone's hand holding it
The Ultimate Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Toast the Pioneer Woman Way. I've been doing it wrong my entire life!!! Seriously, this toast is awesome!
the pizza has been made to look like an angry bird with pepperoni on it -&nbspfollowpics Resources and Information.
Angry Birds pizza.
the letter b is made up of many different animals and letters that are outlined in black and white
Animal Alphabet Letters to Print
Alphabet Coloring Pages
four different types of stuffed animals are shown in this photo collage, including an owl, fox, and rabbit
Toys and Games
Rabbits, owls and foxes? Fantastic!
there is a sign that says masterpieces hanging on the wall next to some clothes
DIY: {Kids} Art Display
diy kids art display
an artistic painting is being displayed in front of some paintbrushes on a table
Simple Kids
Salt & Watercolor Painting -wet paper - dot/splash with bright watercolors - sprinkle with salt - when dry, brush off salt - instant masterpiece
three popsicles with gummy bears on them and the words spirit and gummy bears
Sprite and gummy bears... very cute and creative for the kids in the summer. DOING THIS <3
a white bed topped with lots of books next to a wall mounted shelf filled with children's books
Furniture - Shop Modern Furniture, Low Prices
a wall of stories. book storage using ikea photo ledges.