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Learn why these are a must grow flower in my garden every year. I love growing nasturtium flowers with my vegetables but they would look great in landscaped beds and containers too!
Embark on a journey through our list of 12 beautiful flowers that begin with N, designed to captivate garden enthusiasts with their diversity and splendor. Click now to uncover these floral gems and stay tuned for more gardening tips and trends!
This 2000 Plant Delights/JLBG introduction is one of the most prized plants in our garden. All summer, the 8' tall x 8' wide umbrella-shaped clump of this woody daphne cousin is composed of smooth, brown trunks, adorned with plumeria-like leaves. The foliage drops in mid-December to reveal both the wonderful bark and the large, silvery flower buds. The flower buds open steadily from mid-January to early April, producing an overwhelmingly fragrant display of pendent, golden yellow flowers.  Zones: 7b to 10b, possibly colder

Plan - grădină pădure

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15+ companion plants for raspberries
Don't let limited garden space hold you back from growing your own corn! Our detailed guide covers everything you need to know to plant and grow corn in tight quarters. Get ready to enjoy sweet, homegrown corn all summer long in our corn planting guide. #UrbanGardening #SmallGardenCorn

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Better tasting than its cousin stinging nettle, Canadian wood nettle is an edible wild plant to forage in spring. Learn what to know about identifying, harvesting, preserving, and using wood nettle. | edible wild plants | foraging | wood nettle vs. stinging nettle |
Discover how to forage teaberries, an essential skill in Wild Plant Identification. Teaberry, or American wintergreen, is a versatile evergreen shrub found all across North America. Its wintergreen-flavored leaves and berries make it a distinctive foraging choice. Suitable for foragers at all levels, especially beginners. For more insights into Foraging Edible Wild Plants and Wild Plant Identification, visit

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Learning how to grow oyster mushrooms is easier than you think...and delicious, too. This step-by-step guide will have you harvesting oyster mushrooms in no time.
Grow enoki mushrooms at home with our easy guide. Perfect for all levels of growers, indoors or outdoors. Start today!

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Horsetail plant identification is crucial for safe foraging, and our wild plant identification guide makes it easy. Horsetail is an ancient plant with distinctive features. Learn how to identify this beneficial plant in the wild and incorporate it into your herbal practices. Find more herbalism for beginners, herbs for health, and natural herbs medicine at
Enhance your garden knowledge with our list of 40+ garden weeds with white flowers. These unassuming plants, often overlooked, can be a boon for pollinators and offer unexpected benefits for gardeners. Incorporate them into your Spring Gardening & Planting Ideas to create a biodiverse and pollinator-friendly garden. Discover the potential of these weeds at
Not all weeds are created equal. Many common backyard weeds offer significant benefits. Here are 17 weeds and how to use them.

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Soil Microbes! Here's a wonderful introduction to the hidden world of soil microorganisms. In this post, you will learn...Why should we be excited about soil microbes? Where do soil microbes live? What locations? What conditions? How do soil microbes live? Are there battles going on? #microbes #microorganisms #bacteria #soil #dirt #science
What are Effective Microorganisms? - The Permaculture Research Institute

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Considering adding a glass greenhouse to your garden? Here’s what you should know about finding the perfect glass greenhouse for your home.

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Ready to revolutionize your garden? Dive into the world of "11 Hydroponic Flowers," where we unveil the beauty of cultivating stunning blooms without soil. Click to discover the limitless possibilities and follow us for an endless supply of hydroponic gardening wisdom!
Step by Step instructions to create your own water garden or pond. #NGA #gardening
Imagine growing vegetables on rafts in a backyard pond. You won’t need to water, weed, or fertilize plants when water is your growing medium. Learn more about outdoor aquaponics:

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Pruning Techniques: Coppicing and Pollarding Trees and Shrubs - Horticulture
Discover how to coppice and pollard trees to attractive effect, in this simple guide.
Pollarding an empress tree.

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Some fruits are fussy and complicated, but not this stone fruit. You can succeed at growing plums without much experience or work. Here's how.

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Snails are slugs with a shell, and both are molluscs. They need moisture around them to survive and thrive, and in dry summer conditions they live deeper in the soil, even for long periods. If summer is moist, the warm conditions see more slug activity, larger ones especially. They do a lot of eating in the summer months. In winter slugs are less busy, often hibernating deep down away from any frost.....

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How to Correctly Identify and Use Evergreens for Internal and External Use | Herbal Academy | In this article, you’ll learn how to correctly identify four different evergreens and utilize the many gifts they can offer us.
Delve into the world of herbal medicine with this comprehensive compilation of 100+ medicinal plants and their uses. From elderberry to St. John's Wort, dandelion to blue vervain, bee balm, and many more, explore the vast array of healing herbs and their remarkable properties. Gain insights into natural remedies and empower yourself with the knowledge of medicinal flowers. Discover the power of nature's pharmacy and embark on a journey of health and well-being.
Embrace the incredible healing potential of 100+ medicinal plants. Explore their names, pictures, and uses in herbal medicine. From elderberry to St. John's Wort, dandelion to blue vervain, bee balm, and beyond, these healing herbs offer a wealth of natural remedies. Unlock the secrets of medicinal flowers and enhance your well-being through the wonders of herbal medicine. Elevate your knowledge and embark on a transformative journey toward health and vitality.

Plante medicinale, ceai (camellia sinensis)

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There are many trees with ingredients for natural remedies. Here are 20 edible and medicinal trees and how to use them.
(159) Arborele lui Iuda - o minune a lui Dumnezeu! - YouTube
When finding a tree, you'll need to consider climate, flower color, soil type, and so much more. In this massive guide, we look at over 70 of our favorite flowering trees to help you decide! Come check it out!

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Melasa – Cum se face acasa

Cereale, zahăr, făină, mălai

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Discover expert advice on how to properly water your orchids and learn three clever techniques to ensure their health and vibrancy. Enhance your orchid care skills with these professional tips.
Discover clever watering tips for orchids that will keep your plants thriving. Unveil 3 genius hacks to ensure your orchids receive the perfect amount of hydration. Enhance your plant care skills and watch as your orchids flourish with these helpful tips.
You may be surprised to learn that Phalaenopsis orchids aren't nearly as hard to grow as they seem. Find out our easy tips for caring for orchids.


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Wish you could grow more food in your yard? One often overlooked place to grow food is the lawn, which can be stealthily replanted with delicious, low-growing ground cover herbs. Whether you replace a little or a lot, consider exchanging some of your grass or mulch for these fragrant, beautiful low-growing herbs. #gardening #herbs | ground covers | herb gardening | eco-friendly | herbalism | landscaping |
Think you know everything there is to know about organic gardening? Hold up! You need to learn more about cover crops. Cover crops offer so many benefits to organic gardeners. I'll tell you why in this post, and also give you suggestions on the best crops


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Indoor Banana Tree Care: Your Ultimate Guide | Expert Advice and Techniques - Master the art of caring for your banana tree indoors with our best tips and techniques. From choosing the right potting soil to maintaining optimal humidity levels, our comprehensive guide will empower you to cultivate healthy and vibrant banana trees that will thrive in any indoor space.

Culturi de seră, plante tropicale

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Frezii - Cultivare, Ingrijire, Plantare, Imagini, Pret - Frezii de gradina, in ghiveci
Winter gardening isn’t all about cabbage and cover crops. We have 14 flowers bulbs available for September shipment. Fall-planted perennials generally acclimate well to their new surroundings, since they spend the months before spring becoming established. While the above-ground portion of the plant remains fairly unchanged, the roots are busy growing. Once the weather warms, these plants are poised to take off and really show off!
Ce facem cu lalelele si zambilele cand le trece floarea🌷🌺 - YouTube

Flori cu bulbi

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Thinking of growing coleus in pots, but aren't sure where to start? Well you can start by reading this article!

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10 plante care iubesc frigul iernii si iti coloreaza gradina
The 10 Best Plants for a Colorful Winter Garden  #purewow #home #advice #gardens #wintergarden #winterplants #gardening #planting #plants #planting
If you're the type of person who wants to care about gardening even in winter, ahead you will find ten pretty plants that can survive the cold weather and the snow. #gardening #winter

Flori de iarnă

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Try growing green manure or cover crops to replenish nutrients to the garden soil. Learn more about the benefit of green manure for your garden. #gardeningchannel #gardening #vegetablegardening #gardensoil
Mulching is one of the best things you can do for a vegetable garden. Here's how to generate free mulch right on site by growing your own! #vegetablegarden #gardening #homestead via @Attainable Sustainable
How To Plant A Green Manure Crop To Recharge Garden Soil This Spring!

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Euonymus japonicus-Aureo-variegatus
If you prune them regularly, many species of holly work well as hedges. Dwarf hollies, such as dwarf yaupon holly, Meserve holly, and inkberry, are the easiest types to use as hedges, as they need less pruning. #garden #gardenideas #gardenplants #landscaping #besthedges #hedgeideas #bhg

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Adzuki Beans Can Improve Your Heart, Weight & Muscle Mass by @draxe

Legume, plante, verdețuri comestibile

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Whether you’re short on space, need to add privacy or hide unsightly views, take advantage of your vertical space with flowering vines. Take a look at our top 10 flowering vines for all summer long color.
Idei pentru grădină şi terasă: Clematite - Stele florale pe suporturi suspendate


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