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a person petting a cat with the caption 7 most affectionate cat breeds
7 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Will Make You Fall In Love
Let’s face it, cats have earned quite the reputation for being aloof and even heartless, but some of our furry friends are here to bust that age old myth. These kitties are all about showing love! So, if you're ready for a cat who's not just a pet, but a full-time cuddle buddy, these seven most affectionate cat breeds will make you fall in love!
a close up of a cat with the words how long do cats hold grudges?
How Long Do Cats Hold Grudges?
We’ve all stepped on our cat’s tail at least once and felt guilty about it for days. But do you ever wonder if your cat is holding a grudge against you? Can cats harbor a grudge at all? Here is everything you need to know about cat grudges and how long they last. Keep Reading!
a cat is curled up and sleeping with the caption 8 things you do that hurt your cat you must stop doing
8 Things You Do That Hurt Your Cat You Must Stop Doing
Owning a cat comes with great responsibility, and part of that responsibility is understanding the dos and don'ts of cat care. Here are 8 things you do that Hurt your cat and you Must Stop Doing!
two dogs and a cat facing each other with the caption are cats as loyal as dogs?
Cats Vs. Dogs - Who is more Loyal?
In this video, we bust some common myths and get to the bottom of the eternal question, 'Are Cats as Loyal as Dogs?' Click the link to know more.
a close up of a cat sleeping on its back with the caption fluffy planet why does my cat sleep with his head upside down?
Why Does My Cat Sleep With His Head Upside Down
Curious why your cat sleeps with its head upside down? It's all about feeling safe and cozy. Indoor cats often adopt this position for comfort and to conserve body heat. Keep reading to uncover more about your cat's fascinating habits!
an orange cat walking across a wooden floor with the caption why do cats stretch when they see you?
Why Do Cats Stretch When They See You
Your cat's stretches speak volumes! From happiness to seeking attention, it's their unique language. Cats also communicate this way with each other and use stretches to loosen up after a nap. Keep reading to learn more!
a kitten sleeping on top of a blanket with a thermometer in it's mouth
Are Vicks Vapopads (In Humidifier) Safe For Cats?
Avoid a common mistake when it comes to your cat's health. Vicks Vapopads, designed for human use, should never be given to your feline friend. These pads contain potentially toxic ingredients for cats. Keep reading to learn more about ensuring your cat's well-being.
a black and white cat with the caption why does my cat have bald spots above its eyes?
Why Does My Cat Have Bald Spots Above Its Eyes?
Did you notice a thin patch between your cat's eyes and ears? It's natural as they age, but there's more to this furry tale! Keep reading to discover reasons, symptoms, and care tips for those cute bald spots.
a close up of a cat on a black background with the words, fluffy planet
180 Awesome Maine Coon Cat Names
Ready to unleash the purrfectly punny name for your majestic Maine Coon? Look no further! Get ready to giggle as you explore clever cat-astrophes of wordplay and feline fine-tunes. Meow's the time to get creative!
a cat sitting on top of a iron throne with the caption 13 pet names for game of thrones fans
133 Pet Names For Game Of Thrones Fans
If you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan and would like to name your pet based on the series, we have just the list for you. Keep reading to find more.
a grey and white cat sitting on the ground with an ad for fluffy planet is anthrium safe for cats?
Is Anthurium Safe For Cats?
Anthurium plants add a tropical touch to your home, but you should remove them for your cat’s safety. If you’re not sure of the species of a particular plant, you can identify anthurium by its characteristics.Keep reading to learn more.
a person feeding a cat with the caption how to feed cats to sardines?
How To Feed Cats To Sardines?
Cats are attracted to the smell of sardines. Sardines are a rich, fatty fish used as bait for trapping a hungry cat, and they are a nutrient-dense, tasty food to give your cat as an occasional treat. However, sardines aren’t always a healthy choice for cats.Keep reading to learn more.
a cat laying on its back with the caption what does it mean when a cat lies on its back?
What Does It Mean When A Cat Lies On Its Back?
Cats have many ways to express themselves through body language, but their signals can be hard to read sometimes. So, what’s your cat trying to communicate when it’s on its back?Keep reading to learn more.
a close up of a person petting a cat with the caption how exotic is borax to cats?
How Toxic Is Borax To Cats?
Some people recommend Borax as a DIY solution for flea-infested cats. The instructions usually involve sprinkling Borax around the house, on the cat’s body, and even in their food tray or litterbox. But is borax safe for your cat?Keep reading to learn more.
a cat peeking out from behind a cabinet with the words how to lure a cat out of hiding
How To Lure A Cat Out Of Hiding
Hiding is an instinctual response for cats when they experience stress or fear.But when your kitty spends most of its time tucked away, there’s probably something wrong with them.Keep reading to learn ways to lure your cat out of hiding.