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Moon to Moon: 'My Nest'... Laura from Fat Lama Vintage

Lapping up the beautiful spring evening light in my front room- trying to chase away a lingering buggy thing- still it's a lovely space to convalesce !

Hosta  'green supreme'... Outstanding green-on-green color; big bang for your buck eye-catcher in the shade garden.

A very tropical looking hosta-looking thing. Love it. Most beautiful leaves Ive seen! Want them in my future fantasy garden. Lots of them. From the mouth of various commentors : it is NOT a hosta! Its actually a tropical prayer plant- calathea orbigolia-

Drift wood sea horse

DIY Tree Branch Seahorse **Mi(my) WAY: combine with the idea of the lit wood Christmas tree on the canvas, do any shape on the canvas then add lighting. Or weave lighting through out or around the seahorse or whatever u design.

DIY Ombre Sea Glass Wind Chime

Use glass mound, glue together to form a circle DIY Ombre Sea Glass Wind Chime.I'll be making this the next time I'm in Cali collecting beach glass!