Dremel High Performance Rotary Tool Kit with Variable Speed Rotary Tool, 4 Attachments and 34 Accessories The Dremel 4000 variable speed rotary tool

The Leatherman Skeletool multi-tool is stripped down to the bare essence.

Always be prepared when you hit the trails by bringing along the mini bike tool. This extremely versatile and compact device allows you to conveniently carry a multitude of tools critical for making minor repairs should a situation arise.

Push-Button Tap Adapters - Finally, an innovative, ergonomic solution to turning water on and off! At the push of a button you can control water flow to your hoses, sprinklers or nozzles. Available in single-tap and two-tap styles.

You can now put a screw in your wall at the correct height. The Bosch Pen Line Laser Level projects a single bright laser line for horizontal, vertical and angular applications.

Quit scraping the ice off your car like a savage and step into the century with the windshield heater-defroster. The heater conveniently plugs into your car and acts like a blow dryer to quickly and efficiently defrost your car's windshield.

Sitka Hobo Knife Quick and easy ordering in the Blue Tomato online shop . The Sitka Hobo Knife.

The Loggerhead Bionic Grip Wrench is instantly adjustable to cover 13 different fastener sizes as well as pipes and tubes from to inch outer diameter.