I have pinned this because for what it is advertising it is an amazing idea. It is advertising nail biting treatment on the bag, and as you can see the hand hole is of someones mouth. it looks as thought the persons hand is being bitten.

Creatively Funny Bags (28 Pics)

30 Creative Bag Ads and Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Creatively Funny Bags (28 Pics)

Shopping bags given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements at the Fitness Company fitness centers.

AM Graphic Design - Moo shoes proposal

Creatively Funny Bags (28 Pics)

Muse Bags - Agency: Tokyu Agency Inc., Tokyo - These bags were designed as color samples of hair extensions for distribution to visitors to a party at muse, beauty salon. So, hair extensions were attached to bags as handles.

The Give-away bag was designed in a form of an actual lipton clear green tea bag. A pack of lipton clear green tea was kept in it with hoola hoop and was handed to the ladies in the malls as a giveaway.

Kong: Shoe Bag by Rave Communications

Creative bags - Wall to Watch

European Plastic Bags - these are hysterical - shopping bags with a sense of humor - pack your purchases in these funny bags