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an unusual tree house in the woods
Fantastic Tree Houses for the child within... - The Owner-Builder Network
an old building made out of clay with carvings on it
Dogon anthropologist home
Hogan's (medicinal and ritual specialist) home. It is also referred to as the House of Marcel Griaule, (anthropologist - 1930s). Sanga, Dogon Country, Mali | ©Therese Lee
an old stone house with a thatched roof and bench in the front yard on a sunny day
Blaise Hamlet, Bristol, England
an old building made out of rocks and stone with some plants growing on the side
Conghaile Cottage
'Hobbit' house in the Cotswolds.
an old stone building with red shutters on the windows and brick walkway leading up to it
Beynac, Dordogne, France
Tiny Homes...
a house made out of mud and wood
Notchmaker's Cob Home in England
Beautiful cob home in England
an unusual house in the woods with grass on top
moomin valley #01
I love this weird is that?
a miniature house with flowers growing on the roof and windows, in front of a painting
Miss Read's English Cottage
Cinderella Cottage
an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere
Dark Roasted Blend: Beauty in Decay: Photography of Urban Exploration
a boat shaped house on the beach with a blue sky in the backgroud
28 Super Weird Real Houses | SMOSH
Super Weird Real House