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How to Make Shaving Cream Rain - Mom. Wife. Busy Life.

"shaving cream rain" - spray shaving cream on top of water and add a few drops of food coloring in different spots - can use for visual sensory input

How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand - Mom. Wife. Busy Life.

How to Make Your Own Colorful Sand - Mom. make your own sand - using salt and food coloring. Good idea for a lot of things! If you really like arts and crafts an individual will really like this website!

#Oreo Truffle Stuffed Cupcakes With Cookies & Cream Frosting by Love From The Oven - to make this gluten free just use Glutino "oreos" and your favorite gluten free cupcake and frosting recipes.

Oreo Truffle Stuffed Cupcakes with Cookies & Cream Frosting - DELICIOUS! Just your favorite vanilla cupcake mix with oreo truffle (cream cheese and crushed oreos) in the center. Recipe for the special frosting as well.