Very boring. I draw a bit (not that good tho) very sarcastic like very sarcastic. Bands are cool I guess, oh I'm also awkward af yeah I feel like that's all
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All Time Low -- Kind of uncomfortable with how attractive Zack is in this picture.

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Motionless In White ~ Chris Motionless Why he is my idol no matter what anyone says about him or the band. I will always love MIW

Alex Gaskarth everybody. It's a gif.

Rian is like unflinching as this is happening he is a toothpaste company model

Aesthetic<< and aesthetics don't hurt one bit

All Time Low.Alex he's so wow<< what about Jack Or Rian Or Zack Hmm? They are just as important and just as wow as Alex the band would be nothing without any of them! The band is not just Alex

All time low

all time low edit