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Survivors of Suicide Loss...  For my brother Gary, my brother Steve, and my Aunt Ruth. They were strong people, giving people. And brave? Yes, one must be brave to live a life filled with such sorrow.

Suicide Victims are not weak, selfish or cowards. Chose your words carefully and please do not judge what you cannot possibly understand. Raise awareness not stigma.

It's pathetic isn't it. I have a good life, I have a food on the table and a roof over my head. But my insides are ripping each other apart, I want to scream and cry and sleep forever but no one will let me. No one will let me be my self, because being myself would mean being dead.

home alone. you break down. letting out everyone. crying as hard as you can. you family comes home, and here you go. pretend everything is ok. they don't suspect a thing. they don't suspect their child is broken and falling apart

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In a way I don't want people to notice, but I am screaming for you to save me. I am crying and falling apart in front of you, but you don't notice.

The most painful tears .......

Night after night, silent, painful tears that just engulfed me in sorrow that was beyond my time . God can bring as much happiness into my life as he pleases, but this? The feeling is etched into my heart forever.


I was hoping 2017 would be a better year, but it's not looking like it. He's harassing me and he's not even here.