So I heard you like interesting mechanisms.

IL_DUCE // a retread of one of my most well liked, and loathed, designs

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Gareth Fowler is a Toronto-based artist & designer, and he’s the maker of these absolutely stunning animated GIFs of mechanical contraptions. Some look like mechanisms you mig…

Wobbling Disk Mechanism 4 Cylinders - STEP / IGES, SOLIDWORKS - 3D CAD model…

Wobbling Disk Mechanism with 4 Cylinders This mechanism was modeled just for fun and for studying the kinematics whi.

Based on a video from This user has hundreds (+1700) of amazing videos with mechanisms. This one can be seen here: This mechanism has no locking system, the output is free to rotate during dwel times.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, male, Former engineering teacher several courses like Kinematics of Mechanisms and Machine Tools Design.


Evidently the "now" of our conscious awareness stretches over at least of a second


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