Fotis Diamantopoulos

Fotis Diamantopoulos

Thessaloniki Greece / Sons of anarchy fan, Harley Davidson lover, Greek artist: Nikos Oikonomopoulos
Fotis Diamantopoulos
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AU of an AU: Feemor. He visit Obi & Anakin twice a year (once in the summer & once in the winter) and insists that they go on an annual camping trip. "Qui would agree that nature builds character," so says Feemor with his bear-growl laughter.

Instructions for building a multi-swing fire pit area.

When I first saw one of these hanging fire pits, sometimes called a porch-swing fire-pit, I just knew I had to build one. I had a large level area in my lower ba.

Harley Davidson mad

death-collective: getting some asphalt waves.