Fotis Ritsopoulos

Fotis Ritsopoulos

Fotis Ritsopoulos
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Here is a great idea for those who are planning to open a bar, this idea of creating the repurposed wooden pallet bar works well in saving the hard earned money as the pallets cost low and they are easy to manage

Charming Ideas for Wooden Pallet Creations: Handmade items are best when it’s the matter of enhancing the beauty of the home in a unique way because a furniture

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Build it, wine rack!

Wine rack design from Space-Saving Furniture Projects for the Home by Dave MacKenzie. If interested, please ask for a free quote on this item.

A cosy little 2-seater sofa we designed & had made from recycled wood pallets & OSB. How cool is that!

A cosy little sofa we designed & had made from recycled wood pallets & OSB. Nice one, although this looks more like a single seater to me. Forget the link by the way. But then again I think this one is pretty easy to work out ;

How to build a kids are always asking if we can build one. Now we know how

How to build a Birdhouse.The kids are always asking."What kind of bird is that?", "Where do they build a nest, in a house or tree?I often just say we should build a birdhouse and see who moves in!