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Elderflower Spanish Gin and Tonics. /thecoveteur/

Elderflower Spanish Gin and Tonics - For this particular Spanish style Gin & Tonic, I grabbed a plump, pink grapefruit, woodsy rosemary, and sharp juniper to adorn the glass and pair with the Elderflower Tonic.

Hendrick’s Gin ‘Fall All Over’ Cocktail - Gin, Apple Cider, Lemon Juice and…

Fall All Over (Hendrick’s Gin) Ingredients: ounces gin ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice ounce apple juice or cider Ginger Beer, chilled Garnish: Apple slices Nutmeg

12 Low-cost and simple Household Decor Hacks Ideas | Diy

Don't have much space to grow your favorite plants? Try building a vertical garden like this one, designed by Susie Frazier. Using salvaged wood, threaded rods and bolts, and a handful of mason jars, you can construct a simple hanging planter to add a lot

Rénovation complète et décoration d'un appartement de 200m2 à Paris 17ème…

Use Spanish tiles to add a little decoration and bring some character to small bathrooms.