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Eliza Papadopoulou

Eliza Papadopoulou
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Mykonos dream house in pure white: Kanalia Hill House

Stunning dream house at Mykonos island. Have you ever been to Mykonos? It's a place on Earth, in Greece to be more specific, which is.

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Luxury homes for sale around the world this week: Mykonos, Greece In addition to spacious bedrooms, residents have access to staff quarters and the outdoor pool.


A place called Predi Son Jaumell is enough to inspire daydreams of a leisurely bath, isn't it? The Mallorca hotel sets the scene for the perfect mid-vacation soak.

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Tinos is a beautiful and serene island in Greece. It’s an idyllic place with picturesque landscape and views and it’s also where this beautiful private hom