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Simple, easy guide on how to make a cheese plate or cheese platter for a party (without spending a lot of money)!

Save this tutorial on how to make a stellar cheese plate for a party with easy to find, affordable and great-tasting cheeses, meats + fruit!

Anatomy of a Cheese Plate Appetizers - Food

Want to see what the big fuss is about wine and cheese parties? Then reference this handy guide to making a cheese plate. Recent quote from a friend “Pizza and beer go together like wine.

Cheese Platter Essentials #cheeseplate #cheeseboard

Any display that includes bread and cheese is delicious, but when a cheese plate is done well, oh my is it good! Here are my essentials for the perfect cheese plate. Cheese: Depending on the siz.

Cheese plate

You can get everything you need to make an awesome party cheese plate at any old supermarket. Here's what to look for. {I am a total cheese freak, I'd eat it until the cows come home with nothing except more cheese}

How To Put Together The Perfect Cheese Board! (Visual Guide) | LC Living

A good for cheese choices. I found this helpful when putting together cheese boards, antipasti and mezze boards. I've several good Pins regarding this subject, as I am a cheese fanatic! cheeses are the different kinds of cheese boards pasta


Good basic wine + cheese pairing guide - JB -- Creating The Perfect Cheese Plate Pairing It With The Perfect Wines