Granny Bag

Hold for Dee. Colorful Cotton Granny Square Bag Tote, Market Eco Bag, Beach Bag for inspiration only

Basic Arabic Vocabulary Words - Learn Arabic

nice but Hello written there in arabic reads Marhabah (ahlan is another way to say hello, but not written that way) & Welcome as they wrote in Arabic reads Tarheeb

Strength (in arabic).

Strength (in arabic). Blind Nobility Offers a superior experience in Tattooing & Piercing. We guide you through the planning process and come up with a design that is exactly what you imagined.

Animals Names in Arabic

Animal Names in Arabic. How about in Moroccan Arabic? I know that bear, monkey, dog and sheep are same as these. But rabbit is Qnya قنية in Darija.

This is islam

Did you realize you speak some Arabic? An estimated 175 million native Arabic speakers make it the sixth most-spoken language. As we draw connections bet