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a bulletin board with pictures and writing on it that says, oh snap look who's in 1st grade
a butterfly cut out to make it's own pattern
an image of a flower made out of paper
Secret Message Flowers
the butterfly coloring page is shown in two separate sections, each with different patterns on it
six different types of bugs in black and white
two paper dolls are standing next to each other
The first day of spring
krokotak | The first day of spring
Bulletin Board Ideas 💡 Create your own color bulletin board letters with NO color ink!!!
Difficulty: Easy You Need: • Your favorite bold font • A printer • Your favorite color paper or card stock • Scissors
Paper flowers 🌷 Do you like it?? 😍
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an image of a child's face with a hat on it, and a paper plate
some paper cut outs with different faces on them
3D faces
children activities, more than 2000 coloring pages & art faces