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Balanced Posture

POSTURE: FIX Every BAD Posture (Upper/Lower body: I. Front and Back Views — Lower Body Posture — Standing Tall and Determination to Change — The 3 Types of Faulty Body Posture in Side View and Exercises — Postural Exercises in Brief)

Overcoming Chronic Neck Pain: Postural Causes and A Unique Exercise Fix

Wall–Standing Exercises: Stand with back against a wall, with heels about 3 inches away. Place hands up beside head with elbows touching the wall. Tilt pelvis to flatten low back against the wall by pulling up and inward with the lower abdominal muscles.

Fishing Sonar Odds are you take your phone with you fishing — despite the possibility of it getting wet — so you might as well make it useful. The Deeper Fishfinder is a small, Bluetooth-powered smart sonar that works with your phone...

A device that will certainly make any fisherman (particularly the less-experienced) happy, the “Deeper Smart Fishfinder Device” is the first fishfinder to work with smartphones and tablets.