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three cups of coffee sit on a wooden table with benches in the background and cobblestone pavement
2,795 Me gusta, 22 comentarios - Riswandi Wansyah (@riswandiwansyah) en Instagram: "the cutest cup I ever find in a coffee shop, and it's available for you to buy. only at…"
a wooden table topped with a cup of coffee next to a cell phone and tablet
a man sitting at a counter in a restaurant
Galería de Urban Villa Londres / Grzywinski+Pons - 6
Galería - Urban Villa Londres / Grzywinski+Pons - 6
a person behind a counter in a restaurant with brick walls and exposed lighting above it
Joinery concept lots of texture with the floor and walls but the joinery and simplified ceiling could work if didnt want to add cost to ceiling work
two people sitting at a table with cups of coffee and cell phones on the table
Tag your shot #manmakecoffee...
a coffee shop with the word coffee on it's sign above the counter,
You Can't Buy LAND
If I could imagine the perfect job it would be this.... Owner and operator of a coffee bistro in the Pacific Northwest.
a coffee shop with people sitting at the counter
Amazing Adelaide
two people holding cups of coffee on top of a wooden table next to cell phones
Coffee conversations. #coffeenclothes # @yngdew by coffeenclothes
there is a store front window with many items in the display case and on the outside
BARISTA | Portland, Oregon. #design #cafe #coffee
a mason jar filled with coffee sitting on top of a counter
C'est toi pour moi Moi pour toi dans la vie
Daniel Craig on the set of Spectre Madeleine Swann, Daniel Craig Spectre, Craig 007, Daniel Craig Bond, Daniel Craig Style, Craig Bond, Daniel Craig 007, Daniel Graig, James Bond Style
Daniel Craig wears studded safety boots at he films perilous scenes
Daniel Craig on the set of Spectre
someone is pouring something into a cup
a man wearing an apron and holding a cup
GFA Aprons Introduces The Beer Maker Apron |
GFA The Beer Maker Apron
a man wearing an apron and smiling at the camera
Hmm... Maybe I could try and sew a patchwork denim apron from all my ruined jeans...