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two maps showing the location of different types of landforms and their corresponding locations in each region
climate and nature sahara fluvial period (last end of ice age)
a map showing the location of many rivers in africa and other parts of the world
pygmee map
a map showing the routes from india to africa
David Livingstone | Biography, Expeditions, & Facts
Explorations of David Livingstone.
the recycling rate by country with flags on each side and text that reads recycling rate by country
Recycling Rates by Country (2022)
Recycling Rates by Country (2022). Recycling rate is the proportion of materials recycled or recovered from waste or the rate of inclusion of recycled materials in products. High figures usually mean progress in recycling activities. South Korea has a recycling rate of approximately 67.1%. It has several very successful private companies that collect the waste, recycle it, and sell it. South Korea has been very successful in recycling management.
the best postal services in the world info sheet for post office and mailboxes
Best Postal Services (2022)
the largest gold reserve by country infographical poster for bank of england's banks
Largest Gold Reserves by Country (2023)
Countries maintain gold reserves for multiple reasons. Gold is a stable and dependable store of value, enhancing confidence in a nation’s economic stability, especially during financial uncertainty. Most of the world's gold is held in central bank vaults, private depositories, and jewelry holdings.
the countries with the highest risk of natural dissents info graphic by running royal
Countries with the Highest Risk of Natural Disasters (2023)
The countries mentioned face a range of natural disasters that can cause significant damage to infrastructure, property, and communities. Some countries are located in seismically active regions where earthquakes are common. In some countries droughts and floods are common. For Example, The Philippines is frequently hit by some of the strongest tropical cyclones in the world, which are often accompanied by storm surges, flooding, and landslides that cause significant damage to infrastructure, property, and communities.
an airplane with the highest number of airports
Countries with the Highest Number of Airports (As of 2022)
the world's largest grape producing grapes infographed on a purple background with flags
World's Largest Grape Producers
China is the world's largest grape producer, with 16.91% of global production, followed by Italy (11.26%), France (8.27%), Spain (7.88%) and the United States (7.17%). The world's total production of grapes was estimated at 74.9 million tonnes in 2022.
the world's best countries to return in the world, infographical poster
Best Countries to Retire in the World
the world's largest stock markets by country, as seen in this info sheet
World’s Largest Stock Markets by Country
The United States leads the global stock market with an impressive market cap of $54 trillion, more than 4.5 times larger than China's market cap of $11.9 trillion. Japan holds the third position with a market cap of $6.3 trillion. In early 2024, India's total market capitalization exceeded $4 trillion for the first time, cementing the country's position as the world's fourth-largest equity market. After the United States, it's clear that the three largest stock markets are all situated in Asia. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ are the largest stock exchange operators worldwide.
the most golf courses in the world infographical poster with woman playing golf on pink background
Most Golf Courses around the World.
There are currently around 40,000 golf courses worldwide.
the world's most stressed countries in 2012 infographical image source banking royal
Most Stressed Countries (2021-2022)