Forest House by Chris Tate, at Titirangi, a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand.

This stunning glass house, designed by architect Chris Tate aims to lessen the barrier between structure and nature. A unique architecture for sure!

✟✞✝ have wood 1 by's over windows on west side?

I want to live here! When l was a kid, I spent my life climbing trees. If my mum wanted me to come in for a meal, she would go out into the garden or the wood alongside our house and call up to the trees, in the expectation that I was up one of them.

forest house by fearon hay architects.

Fearon Hay Architects are award winning architects based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Living Room House By Olga Freyman

Contemporary Chic – House in Russia // Olga Freyman Glass roof is a good idea to cover the pool. Like the flooring too.

Glass house in the forest

House in Lo Curro / Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados

Modern Exterior of Home with Hardwood floors, Custom stone designed pond, Glazed central corridor, Bridge, Stacked stone wall