Classic and pretty, Bradley Cooper's not too terrible to look at either...

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Bradley Cooper photographed by Peggy Sirota for GQ.clip (on an expensive Tie), exactly where gentlemen are supposed to place them-if one is worn at all. (use The Tie Thing !

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor. For some reason this picture makes me laugh every time.

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor this just makes the man board because it's funny. i love them as actors too.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio(レオナルド・デカプリオ)

Leonardo DiCaprio - hands down favorite actor. And some of the movies he stars in are in my top picks for most favorite movies ever: Titanic, Inception, Shutter Island, Blood Diamond, & Romeo And Juliet.

Jude Law ... Perfection

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Paul Newman, a big role model during the 50s and pony boys generation.

The Newman Chronicles

Bradley Cooper :)

Bradley Cooper Favorite Things details like Color, Food, Books, Music and Hobbies

I just love Jude!

merde-petit-maitre: “ Photography (Jude Law, backstage, for Dior, 2012 continuarte) ”

Michael Fassbender as Stanley

Michael Fassbender's Sure Guide to Seduction

Bradley Cooper and his dog Charlotte she was the Sweetest Dog ever my daughter Who was 3 at the time and I Got to meet him and played with his dog all day<3

How To Pose Like A Hot Guy With A Cute Dog

Bradley Cooper and his rescue dog Charlotte <Lifestyles of 5 Rich and Famous Shelter Dogs>

@kyliegibbons923 find me a man who looks like this and I will be happy forever.

Bradley Cooper is 40 (as of He's an actor and a producer and has starred in more than one movie with our girl J-Law. Yeah, he's definitely number 3 on my list of cool people in their Born: January 1975 (age Philadelphia, PA Height: