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an abstract red and pink background with swirly shapes in the shape of a flower
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four red and purple circles on a red background
Hey Pandas, What Are Some Of The Best Optical Illusions You’ve Seen (Closed)
This Isn’t Moving!
an abstract pattern made up of red, white and blue spirals on a green background
Round and round they go....
an abstract pink and white pattern with black dots on the center, as well as two circles
Kakigori Ichigo (broken ice with strawberry juice) - a geometrical illusion with stereoscopic impressions by Akiyoshi Takayaki. Vertical or horizontal edges appear to be distorted.
red hearts with chinese writing on purple background
Rotational illusion 24
an abstract red and purple background with a circular design in the center, on top of a checkerboard pattern
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an orange and red pattern with green leaves on the bottom, in square formats
Tsukuba COE symposium 2005
Tsukuba COE symposium 2005
a green background with lots of nuts on it
Optical Illusions wallpaper by _lovey_ - Download on ZEDGE™ | bff1
an image of a black and yellow checkered pattern
Anomalous motion illusion #6