Yarn bracelets

diy braclet- add larger bead in middle and three smaller beads on each side string. Three knots and then repeat beading steps. Cool but not as cool as my paracord bracelets.

Cord wrap bracelet with a button closure.

Rustic Mini I Cord Wrap Bracelet- Length - Button Closure - Hand Dyed Wool Yarn, great gift idea for birthday party's.

ombre celtic knot bracelet

DIY Celtic knot friendship bracelet tutorial with pics. Could also use this technique for knotting a scarf? Or bookmarks?

Easy Scrap Fabric Bracelet

Easy DIY-Scrap Fabric Bracelet - fun project for older kids and a great gift idea too!

DIY Macrame Rhinestone Bracelet

DIY Macrame Rhinestone Bracelet

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Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom) by ~nimuae

Macrame Pouch Tutorial - Part I: Start with Mandala Flower as bottom of pouch.

Just tried this DIY macrame bracelet the other day and it worked out so nicely! • • • #macrame #bracelet #friendship #diy

DIY Macrame Bracelet

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DIY macrame bead bracelet

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DIY Button Hemp Bracelet as simple as it looks! Knot, string hemp through button holes, knot again! I can see this as a wide band bracelet, maybe black hemp and multi colored buttons. What do you think Bay?

DIY Button Bracelets & other assorted button jewelry projects. Great for those random extra buttons I seem to find around the house.

Bracelet gold beads friendship bracelet

Bracelet gold beads friendship bracelet macrame bracelet stackable bracelet adjustable -PICK YOUR COLOR

Woolen Yarn Bracelet

who knew that you could make some seriously nice jewelry using hex nuts?